Winter Project and Hosting

Hosting and Term project discussion

I have a few ideas of what I could do for our winter term project for WDMD 346, I’m thinking that I could do the portfolio, but considering that I can’t find all that much currently that I’d want to put into it, thanks to a timely failure of a thumb drive with my early works on it; I might consider updating a website for a chat network to be Drupal or Joomla.  It would be for my slow work in progress DevilsFreek.  Haven’t had a chance to update its website in ages, and it would be a good way to add the scalability of features that a more powerful CMS offers.   Otherwise I’m going to keep thinking of ideas for this project.  I have a few days to think and get ideas and feedback, so nothing too important to get set into stone right away.

If you can think of  any other ideas that meet these goals. ” Be a portfolio of your own work, offer substantive content and opportunities to interact around a common interest, or provide similar functionally for a non-Profit or other organization of your choosing”  Let me know.

For hosting, it is no surprise that I’ll host it on my current host, ServerBolt.  I’ve been with them for hosting for close to 3 years, and never had any issues.  Even with a hard drive that failed on the server last night (that, and my stupidity, caused my style sheet not to load correctly last night, sorry for anyone that got a really goofy looking site) the amount of downtime is perfect for school projects.  Also, the backup options that are provided and done automatically ensure no data loss.

Web Hosting

A good web host is hard to come by, but my current one rocks!

When It comes to web hosting, you do get what you pay for.  I’ve had an online presence for years, and have worked with a few different companies over the course of that time.

I started my time at a company called Hosting Revolution.  Their service is cheap, but does have a nice control panel. However, the over all performance was less than good.  My sites would be slow in loading and often had bad down time.

The next step that I took, and the present provider that I use, is ServerBolt.  Their service is of very high quality,  offering a vast range of services that can be customized if you talk to the hosting provider.  Their control panel allows you to set up the major aspects of your account, and provides the backend components such as phpMyAdmin for SQL, and easy domain management if needed. They also have backups that are run automatically and are very redundant.  You can run your own backups, but the host also backs up the entire server to prevent any loss of data. The main part of hosting with ServerBolt is that the server and sites that I run are always responsive, and downtime is very low and minimized.

Everyone will have stupid moments, such as deleting the wrong file, or even non-so stupid moments where there is a server problem.  With the right backups and preventative measures, it is a good feeling to know that your data is protected and will be there waiting for you.  My host has saved my butt a few times when I accidentally deleted the wrong SQL database and lost all the content for my other sites.  This is not a good feeling to see everything gone, but thanks to my web host and backups, nothing ended up being lost, besides a few beads of sweat from me.

This concludes my rant on web hosting.